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Poet Mary Ann McFadden has published two books, DEVIL,DEAR, forthcoming from Alice James Books in November 2014, and EYE OF THE BLACKBIRD, published in 1997 from Four Way Books.


Devil, Dear

“Devil Dear teems with erotic life. These poems adore the world within us and outside us, embracing our hungers and imperfections alike. I love Mary Ann McFadden’s range of tones and her long, musical lines, shaped by the pressures of intelligence and deep honesty. She takes us to the edge of an irresolvable mystery and lets us see its beauty.”  –Joan Larkin

When Mary Ann McFadden lures us into her fertile and earthy-pungent poems, we become lost in her world of “jellied forms,” in “clouds of milk in water” and we feel as the speaker of these poems feels when she says “The things of this world fill me up.” These poems are sly and full of generous humor and wisdom. To read McFadden is to be surprised, in poem after poem, by the ecstatic.    –Anne-Marie Macari

Mary Ann McFadden’s wise and compassionate poems celebrate a world of wild-life and animal warmth, oceanic communions and ecstatic sexual unions. Old flames rekindled by intimacy reveal the hard-won heart-truths that “We are truer together than we are alone.” “Now I mourn the loss of magic,” the poet writes. “Now I see it everywhere.”     –L. S. Asekoff


DEVIL, DEAR  will be out on November 11, 2014.   Just a bit over two months from today!    You can pre-order the book at the Alice James Website:    or at




Eye of The Blackbird


“In its first few lines, Eye of the Blackbird declares itself to be a book with rare authority. Its obsessions are pursued with a passion that’s reckless but also meticulously careful with the truth. Throughout these lush, quirky, stubborn poems, Mary Ann McFadden writes with fluidity, inventiveness, and unselfconsiousness, qualities that deepen and intensify page after page. Also remarkable is McFadden’s sustained vision of her family’s past and its ongoing presence in herself. This is a large work of intelligence and imagination, an inquiry into the formation of self that takes us on an adventure in which language, emotion, and the thinking mind seem made of the same substance. It’s also wonderfully free of the usual authorial presence–autobiography still tethered to ‘what happened.’ However much fact it may drag in its undertows, this voice is pure invention. Like the voice in Whitman, which she exuberantly appropriates and updates, McFadden’s speaker is at once uniquely human and recognizable in all of us. Eye of the Blackbird is a genuinely ambitious book, a book with big wings.”

–Chase Twichell, judge, Four Way Books Intro Series

To Purchase:

Or, you can try Amazon Books.  I know there are used copies available from booksellers there.